Photo: Devised version of "Jane Eyre" by The National Theatre.

Theater Devising Workshop at the Guildhall

To devise: To create by clever use of the imagination.

We’re thrilled that Kate Bessey (bio below) will lead this workshop in devising. Sometimes called “collective creation,” devising is an open-ended way of making a play that does not begin with a script or require the designated roles of writer/director/actor nor follow the usual modes of production.  

Rather, a group of theatre artists works collaboratively, as they see fit, to create an original piece of work. 

In this workshop, Kate will facilitate a collaborative theatre-making process that draws from the group’s skills and interests to develop original performance pieces with the potential to showcase a wide range of theatrical conventions.

Sessions will offer physical and vocal work, prompts and challenges to get creative juices flowing, and the exploration of multiple dramatic resources, performance styles, and genres.  

All performance styles, backgrounds, and levels of experience are welcome.

If you’d like to shake off the winter cold and do some devising, please come join us! Workshop starting Monday, February 6, from 6 pm – 7:30 pm at the Gray Coast Guildhall in Quilcene. 

Kate Bessey is a Quilcene native who began her theatre journey in community theatre troupes in Jefferson county as a teen.  She is a theatre artist and drama educator with over two decades of experience acting, writing, directing, teaching, and consulting in both North and South American theatre communities.  Her areas of expertise are theatre for young audiences, drama in education, and devising.  Kate holds MA and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria. 

Photo (top): Devised version of “Jane Eyre” by The National Theatre.

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