Serious Clowning at the Guildhall in Quilcene

clown /kloun/ verb or gerund or present participle: clowning

  1. behave in a comical way; act playfully.

Please join us at the Guildhall this Saturday, October 15th from 10 am to 1 pm for some clowning. This practical workshop by Kate Bessey will explore building a character, choreography, improvisation, and partnering as they relate to clowning.  In other words, we’ll tease out how these things can be used to make people laugh.  

We will work with a brief comedic text to pull examples from and to put all exercises into practice.

Open to all ages and levels of experience.

Suggested donation of $30. No one turned away. Please wear comfortable clothing and be ready to move!

No need to bring face paint or floppy shoes, but costume pieces and props are welcome. Please share this invitation with anyone who may be interested. This workshop is open to the public. We hope to see you there!

An ancient form of theatrics rooted in physical comedy, clowning transcends language and cultural barriers by finding the absurd in the everyday. – American Theatre Wing


Kate Bessey is a theatre artist and drama educator with over two decades of experience acting, writing, directing, teaching, and consulting in both North and South American theatre communities.  Her practice focuses on theatre for young audiences, drama in education, and devising.  Kate holds MA and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria.  

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