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Bringing Actors & Playwrights Together

If you’re an actor, you want to act. If you’re a playwright, you need to hear your play interpreted by an actor to an audience. You can do that at Gray Coast Theatre Company Monday eve sessions at Gray Coast Guildhall in Quilcene. We start 6:30 pm. Next session Monday, Oct. 3.

If you’re a playwright, this is a rare opportunity to hear your play and get feedback from a tuned-in audience. As a playwright, I know the frustration of writing what I think is a hilarious totally together scene, and then watching it fall off a cliff when the words come through an actor and the audience reacts with confusion and a lot of questions. There’s always more work to do. It’s the nature of playwriting. That feedback loop, in a supportive atmosphere, is essential to polishing your work.

Playwrights, maybe you know actors who are right for the roles in your play – either a short play (monologues okay) or a chunk of a larger piece. Actors have an opportunity to hone their craft, interpret plays, and connect with a larger Jefferson County theater community.

Want to know more? Send me an email at info@graycoasttheatre.com or fill out the Contact form.

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